Film and Advertising

Welcome to our catering serivce

We are providing professional catering service for movie, commercial and theatre sets, corporate entertainment and outdoor events etc. Company uses for that purpose special catering buses.

Catering Film Plus was especially founded for you. We are able to organise any kind of event as far as food is concerned. Our headquarters are in Warsaw but we are providing services in the whole country.

We would like to give the unforgettable taste and aesthetic impressions and take care of your event as well regardless of that where it takes place - barbecue part, appartment, house etc.

Catering Film Plus is a professional and experienced team. Many customers trust us and we have never disappointed any expectations

Breakfast (buffet)

* scrambled eggs
* ksausages
* wieners
* fried eggs
* cheese
* cottage cheese
* quark
* salads
* different kinds of meat
* vegetables
* fruits
* fish
* jam
* honey
* butter

DINNER (an example)

* tomato soup with rice or noodles * hunter's pork
* pork chop with plum
* veal pulpets
* roasted chicken leg
* turkey schnitzel
* rice
* pasta
* potatoes
* cabbage salad in sweet and sour sauce
* breaded mushrooms
* breaded cheese


* white sausage
* smoked sausage
* meat croquettes
* pancakes with cheese and vanilla and dried tropical fruits sauce
* potato pancakes
* dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms
* roasted blood sausage

OTHER * drinks

* juices
* water
* cookies
* sweets
* fruits
* coffee
* tea
* croissants with dill and salmon paste
* cold fish with vegetables
* cheese corks with gherkins and olives
* roasted salmon roulades with grilled vegetables
* salad with nuts, cheese, meat and buckwheat
* pancakes with four kinds of cheese
* vegetables with dips
* meat plate with salami and smoked ham
* different kinds of vegetables with feta
* spring salads
* cheese plate
* bread


* mushroom soup


* fried veal dumplings with mushroom sauce
* roasted turkey in plum sauce
* roasted potatoes
* rice


* puffs with whipped cream
* cookies
* exotic fruits


* coffee/tea
* wwater
* orange juice
* grapefruit juice
* tomato juice


* chicken shashlik with bacon, onion and paprika
* marinated pork tenderloins with herbs
* roasted jacket potatoes with mushrooms, onion and cheese